Posting Packages

Take a look on our Pricing Table for our Craigslist Posting Services and compare with other providers, We GUARANTEE LOWEST PRICES with 100% satisfaction. We charge only For Live Ads. No Payment for Flagged or Deleted Ads.

Section Ad Price
SERVICES  1 Ad $8/Per Ad
SALES 10 to 20 Ads $1/Per Ad
SALES 25 to 50 Ads $0.75/Per Ad
HOUSING 10 to 20 Ads 1$/Per Ad
HOUSING 25 to 50 Ads $0.75/Per Ad
COMMUNITY 10 to 20 Ads 1$/Per Ad
COMMUNITY 25 to 50 Ads $0.75/Per Ad
GIGS 1 Ad 10$/Per Ad

We require a minimum of 25 POSTS per day (exception: Jobs/Gigs: 10 posts per day required). A minimum of 30 days is required for any campaign, with payments made bi-weekly or monthly. Pricing is subject to change based upon current supply/demand and restrictions put into place by Craigslist at any given time. We currently accept Credit Cards, and PayPal.. Postings commence 5-7 business days AFTER first down payment is received and processed. Down payment is required in order to procure all necessary numbers, accounts, ip addresses and custom graphics associated with your campaign.

Curious if your ads posted? Want to know how many were flagged, ghosted and live? We are the ONLY posting provider that offers a state of the art analytic and reporting dashboard that updates in real time and shows you posting stats of your ads with live links! All new clients get a personalized login and password to their dashboard! A first in the industry! (Check out this screenshot for a sample). You are only charged for live posts, we don’t charge for ghosted posts. Any ghosted ad is re-posted, free of charge! You ARE responsible for posts that are flagged however, as we cannot control 3rd parties or competitors flagging down your ad. Please contact us today to place an order!